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$description$, earned on $siteName$
$TotalWithCommas$ Followed posts
$TotalWithCommas$ Followed posts
**$lockedNoticeTitle$**. This question is locked because it is an official policy or communication and can only be edited by staff. It is still accepting answers, comments, and other interactions. [Learn more]($LockedPostsUrl$).
**This [bounty]($BountyHelpUrl$) has ended**. Answers that other users post to this question are eligible for a $bountyAmountPreSpan$+$bountyAmount$$postSpan$ reputation bounty. You have $timeLeftPreSpan$$timeLeft$$postSpan$ to award this bounty to an eligible answer.
*Answer a question.* There’s no better feeling than having the right answer to a question. Chances are more than one person will have the same question.
A tag synonym mapping $sourceTag$ to $targetTag$ will be created.
Access review queues
Access to site analytics
Access 'trusted user' tools
Approve tag wiki edits
Cast close & reopen votes
comment created
Create gallery chat rooms
Create new tags
Create tag info
Create tag synonyms
Edit community wikis
Edit questions and answers
Exclude the description entirely.
Following is not enabled for post owners. You will already receive notifications about this post.
Manage followed posts in your $openAnchor$profile$closeAnchor$.
Meta Flags
New badge, $badgeClass$: $description$, earned on $siteName$
New badge, $description$, earned on $siteName$
New privilege, $privilegeCategory$: $description$, earned on $siteName$
New privilege: $description$, earned on $siteName$
Protect questions
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See reduced ads
Show only a small, single line snippet of the description.
Show the entire description.
Side-by-side Markdown
The tag wiki **excerpt** is a brief plain text introduction to the topic that the tag represents. It is shown at the top of tag question lists, and as a tooltip wherever the tag appears.
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To create a new tag, simply type the tag name and post your question.
To create preformatted text, indent by four spaces or surround with groups of backticks:
Too many of your recent flags have been declined - please [review]($link$) them!
View close votes
Vote down this synonym
You can vote to close **$numFlags$** more questions today
You can vote to close **$numFlags$** more questions today
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